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-6% FIFA 19 Champions edition PS4 (FIFA19-CHE-PS4) na https://shop.uvi.hr

FIFA 19 Champions edition PS4

The new FIFA 19 is coming up with completely new mechanical skills and a new career story. The greatest surely because it will also be included in the UEFA Champions League. In addition to enhanced graphics and updated teams, FIFA 19 will put a lot of emphasis on flexibility and tactility. In the game, there will be a system called Active Touch System, which changes how players take and hit the ball, and the upgraded "Dynamic Tactics" will give players more choices in adjusting their selected teams.

Pre-order Now! You will receive the game on September 25, 2018, three days before the official release.

Pre-order, play the game 3 days before and receive up to 20 Jumbo Premium Gold FUT packages plus:
UEFA Champions League Gold player choice (choose one of the five 80 to 83 rated golden players in the qualified teams
Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar Jr. rent for seven FUT matches
Special Edition FUT jerseys, coined by FIFA artists

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FIFA 19 Champions edition PS4

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